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The Great Artesian Basin came when the tectonic plates displaced at the middle of 100 and 250 million years ago. Before that, Australia was mostly covered with ocean. The great artesian is one of the largest and deepest basins in the world that holds fresh water. Then about 2 million years ago, the ocean’s water level dropped. Stones and pebbles dried up the rivers. Sediments solidified as sandstones and rocks that covered the water. A sea under the desert came as a result.

Later on, people discovered that by drilling a bore into the artesian’s ground, they can access groundwater in the aquifers or water storages. Water bores were used to pump up the water under the desert. Keep in mind that applications to drill water bores must be requested with your State Government authorities before drilling.

Our Water Bore Artesian Basin Services

Dynamic Drilling offers a wide range of drilling services. It includes water bore services in the Great Artesian Basin. Whether it is stock or commercial water bores, we can handle it for you. We make sure to check the project’s vicinity first before starting the whole process.

What we do:

  • Install full bore system + the pump, bore
  • Redrill bores and Bore repairs – includes change of pump-outs, checking of bore valves, and controller’s problem
  • Design and construction of commercial bores with pump outputs
  • Water bore maintenance
  • Mud and earth drilling
  • Installation of bore and submersible pumps
  • Groundwater monitoring bores
  • Pressure pumps

We make sure to meet with the client first and discuss the water bore location, pumps to use, and where to drill. We ensure that our operations are in accordance with the Minimum Construction Requirements for Water Bores in Australia Fourth Edition and that we manage a strong safety system.

Our employees had undergone extensive training relating to their job. They are licensed to drill water bores in Queensland and hold Class 2 and Class 3 Water Bore Licences. With our professional approach to every project, rest assured you will receive a high-quality water bore in the great artesian basin.


Are you planning to have water bores into the Great Artesian Basin in your property? Dynamic Drilling does not only deliver a high-quality drilling job, but we also deliver a water bore that suits your needs. We can drill bores to a depth of 1400m. For more inquiries, send us a message now.

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