Water Bores into the Great Artesian Basin


How Ground Water is formed.


No 1. Alluvial

Usually shallow (less than 100m). The water is found in loose sand and or gravel deposited by ancient rivers and then covered by years of deposits. Also in areas that have sand formation on the surface. Water filters from rain events and is held by a clay or impervious layer.


No 2. Volcanics

Found in the Toowoomba Region, it is where active lava flowed over the countryside covering the them formation to a depth of up to 100m. Over millions of years the Lava (Basalt) broke down to form rich black soil. A lot of Basalt remained and due to its porous nature retained water. Water quality in the volcanics is very good but there is not a limitless supply.


No 3. Artesian – Great Artesian Basin

Chinchilla and surrounding districts sit on the Surat Basin. This is made up of many different layers including a number of water bearing formations. Depending on where you are in the Basin, water can be accessed at varying depths. The most common is The Hutton Sands, Mooga Sands and the Gubberamunda. Depths will vary from 300m to 2000m.



A Leader in Water Bore Drilling


When Dynamic Drilling quote on water bores it is not guess work. We utilize known information from Queensland Globe (a Natural Resources Data Base) and advice of an experienced Hydrologist. Parameters such as estimated depth, quantity and quality of water will be provided to the client along with a detailed quotation.

Whether the bore be a Stock and Domestic or Stock intensive bore will depend on the ability of the formation to produce the water and the size of casing to allow sufficient capacity pump to lift the water to the surface.

All bores are constructed to Department of Natural Resources Minimum Standards Construction Requirements. This relates to the prevention of salt streams corroding the casing and to using correct grade casing, good connection, centralizers, straight holes and accurate cementing of the casing annulus.

Dynamic Drilling has introduced some procedures as a standard, these include back flushing the water zone prior to running the screens and disinfecting bores to prevent Iron bacteria.

Water drilling over the years has become a more professional business than it has been with better equipment and experienced qualified drillers. Bores being drilled now will have a much longer life.


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